Saturday, 30 August 2014

Calvet, Limited Release, Merlot, Bordeaux 2013 - Wine Review

Calvet, the French winemaker has been producing Bordeaux wines since 1818 when the company was first created.

A punchy, juicy and fruity red wine from Bordeaux, France.
It's ripe and smooth with flavours of soft black fruit. We tasted black cherry, blackcurrant, damson, and plum. 13.5% Vol.
I can't remember where Mr.R purchased this wine, but I think it cost about £7.

Calvet, limited release, Merlot, Botdeaux 2013. French wine. Claret. Black and white.

I love Merlot grapes, and this well-rounded wine went down a treat.
A decent tasting claret, that would go well with game, red meat, or hard cheese.
We didn't bother with food, preferring to quaff it on its own.

Calvet, limited release, Merlot, Bordeaux 2013. French wine. Red wine.

From the bottle label -
Specialists in the wines of Bordeaux since 1818 and selecting the best ''cuvees'' is a French brand, distributed in more than 100 countries. 

Are you a fan of Bordeaux wines?
have you tried Calvet, Limited Release, Merlot, Bordeaux 2013?
Did you like it?

Aldi Carino Coconut Shampoo, and Coconut Conditioner - Review

There's nothing wrong with the budgets supermarkets in Blighty, which probably explains why they are currently more popular than ever with the British public.
Mr.R drove us to the local Aldi a couple of days ago, mainly because I wanted to buy a few bits and pieces - all beauty products.
I'd read about their well-known face serum, and thought I'd see if they had any in stock.
It was our first visit to Aldi since we've been back in the UK.

Having mentioned the face serum, this blog post is not about that, it's about the Aldi Carino Coconut Shampoo, and the Coconut Conditioner. Hahaha!
I will write reviews about the other products I purchased when I've used them enough to form a decent opinion.

Coconut shampoo, and conditioner

Initially I'd intended to order some organic shampoo and conditioner online, but I changed my mind - I'm contrary.

I'm also seriously indecisive, and Aldi had quite a few shampoos and conditioners to choose from.
It took me three attempts at making my final choice.
Three times I picked a bottle of shampoo, and a bottle of conditioner, off of the shelf and headed toward the check-out. But then before I reached the tills, I'd change my mind and go back to the shampoos and conditioners aisle, and choose something else.
Anyway, eventually I decided that the Carino Coconut Shampoo, and Conditioner were the ones for me.
There were two other scents available, raspberry, and tea tree.
The coconut one is for all hair types.
The bottles are 400ml and cost a low low low 65p each.

I know it's ridiculous but I was getting a little flustered with my indecision because Mr.R and our dog, Barley the lovely Lurcher, were waiting outside for me. They were slobbering over the window, desperate for me to hurry up and come outside to play. Well, Barley was the one standing on his back legs, nose and paws pressed against the window watching me, Mr.R was slightly better behaved, he was just looking at me smiling. Ahh, bless them!

So, one bottle of Carino Coconut Shampoo, and a bottle of the Coconut Conditioner in my hands, and I'd made my final choice.
I paid.
Exited the shop.
We all left.

So, what did I think of the Carino Coconut Shampoo, and Conditioner?
I've used them a few times now, and I absolutely love them.
For 65 per bottle you may think the contents would be thin and watery, but you'd be wrong. Both the shampoo and conditioner are nice and thick.
The shampoo smells delicious, good enough to eat delicious, and it lathers up really well.
The conditioner also smells lovely, and easily untangled my crazy, dragged through a hedge backwards barnet.
A little of the shampoo and conditioner goes a long way.
My hair is, or should I say was before I used these products, horribly dry, and sad. But now it's much less dry, it feels soft, and looks like it's in a lot better condition.
Thumbs up!

The shampoo bottles has this written on it -
Escape to paradise with this island blend of coconut and exotic lychee extracts to nourish and add shine to your hair.
Superior ingredients + affordable price = glamorous hair every day of the week!
Hair smells and feels great!
Improves softness and shine.
Contains pro-vitamin B5. 

Shampoo Ingredients

  • aqua
  • sodium laureth sulfate
  • sodium chloride
  • cocamide MEA
  • cocamidopropyl
  • betaine
  • glycerin
  • parfum
  • sodium benzoate
  • polyquaternium-7
  • styrene/acrylates copolymer
  • citric acid
  • benzophenone-4
  • tatrasodium EDTA
  • polyquaternium-39
  • coumarin
  • sodium hydroxide
  • panthenol
  • cocos nucifera fruit extract
  • litchi chinensis fruit extract
  • potassium sorbate
Coconut shampoo, and conditioner

The conditioner bottle has more or less the same as the shampoo bottle written on it -
with the addition of -
Detangles leaving hair more manageable.  

Conditioner Ingredients
  • aqua
  • cetearyl alcohol
  • isopropyl palmitate
  • glycerin
  • parfum
  • benzoic acid
  • cetrimonium chloride
  • panthenol
  • potassium sorbate
  • coumarin
  • sodium hydroxide
  • propylene glycol 
  • benzyl salicylate
  • cocos nucifera extract
  • lactic acid
  • PEG-60 hydrogenated castor oil
  • sodium benzoate
Coconut shampoo, and conditioner

So, although I initially considered buying some organic shampoo and conditioner from a website that I often use, I'm pleased I opted for the Aldi Carino coconut shampoo and conditioner instead.
I know that a lot of so-called organic products still contain nasty chemicals, and didn't want to spend a small fortune this time. And judging by the results, my hair loves Aldi Carino Coconut shampoo and conditioner.
Have you tried Aldi Carino Coconut Shampoo and Coconut Conditioner?
Does your hair love it?

Visigodo Tempranillo 2012 - Wine Review

I like the picture on the label, a vine with metallic red leaves, and curly roots. Nice.
It was more than likely the reason we bought this wine, as there is no information about it on the label.

Visigodo Tempranillo 2012. Spanish wine. Rueda region. Lidl.
See, pretty wine label - there are worse ways to choose a bottle of wine ;)

This wine was in stock at Lidl during their Iberian products week, it's a Tempranillo from the Rueda region in Spain.
When we poured the Visigodo into our glasses it had a lovely rich dark red colour, the taste was light and slightly tart, with flavours of fresh Summer fruits; cherry and raspberry, and it had a subtle oak flavour too. 13% Vol.
A very drinkable wine. And another winner from Lidl.

Visigodo Tempranillo 2012. Spanish wine. Red wine. Rueda region. Lidl.

We do like Lidl for their wine, and this is another bottle of decent tasting red wine.
Do you shop at Lidl for wine?
Have you tried Visigodo Tempranillo 2012?
What did you think of it?

It's Not Deckchair Weather

According to the news, well, more accurately - the weather forecast, September is going to be sunny and warm.
I hope the forecasters are correct, because I can hardly remember one warm day so far this Summer.

Today is chilly, I'm wearing several layers, and a big scarf, as I sit typing this - indoors.
So I really am hoping for some lovely sunny, and warm days.
But I have a feeling it's not going to be deckchair weather.

Too bloody cold to sit outside. ❄❄❄
Deckchairs on the pier in Blackpool - Empty deckchairs because it's bloody cold ;)

Good weather in the North of England?
I'll believe it when I see feel it. ;)
Do you reside in the UK?
Have you enjoyed a lovely warm sunny Summer where you live?

Salice Salentino 2011 - Wine Review

Italian wine from Puglia region.

Salice Salentino 2011. Italian wine. Red wine.

From the bottle label -
The Salento peninsula, located on the heel of Italy's boot in the rustic Puglia region, is baked in sunshine during the day and cooled at night by mellow Adriatic breezes.
This is no bland, mass-production wine. Generations of expertise ensure that Moramari is rich, spicy and bursting with authentic Puglian flavour.
Harnessing all the natural energy that goes into it, this is a powerful and concentrated wine which is just crying out to be savoured with a slow, home-cooked meal.

Salice Salentino 2011. Italian wine. Red wine.

This wine was quite rich, but a little too acidic for me, and it tasted like petrol smells.
Have you tried Salice Salentino 2011?

Wild Blackberry - Free Food!

A few days ago during our early morning walk with Barley, our lovely Lurcher, Mr.R saw some blackberries growing along the side of the coastal walk.
He picked what we agreed was the largest blackberry, and it was big - compared to all of the other berries, but as you can see it was almost lost in his hand.
The climate here is obviously just not warm enough to produce lovely large blackberries. Despite its miniscule size this blackberry tasted nice, and it's free so we're not complaining.
Having said that, we do miss our old life in the South of France. But we have lovely sea views, so it's not all bad.

Wanted to get some shots of the dog running. Couldn't. He was way too fast.  So here's a blackberry, and a sea-view. You're welcome!  #blackberry #fruit #food #sea #seaview #countryside #sunrise #sunrays #sky #clouds

Ha! Rambling as usual.
I only wanted to post this seaview, blackberry photo - so I think that's more than enough words.
Do you have blackberries growing where you live?
Big, ripe, sweet, juicy blackberries?
Do you eat them as they are, or take them home and use them in a recipe?

Chateau Laurencon Bordeaux Supérieur 2011 - Wine Review

A very drinkable red wine.


From the bottle label -
Made from Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, this elegant red Bordeaux wine, velvety in texture and delicate in bouquet, is delicious on its own as well as the perfect complement to fine food.

Laurencon Bordeaux Superior 2012. Red wine. French wine.

This wine was delicious on its own, that's how I like my wine - unadulterated by food. ;)
Have you tried Chateau Laurencon Bordeaux Supérieur 2011?
Did you like it?