Friday, 31 July 2015

Life and Cherries. Delicious Dark, Sweet, Juicy Cherries!

Life is just a bowl of cherries!

Life is just a bowl of cherries. �� #cherries #cherry #fruit #food

While he was out shopping Mr.R bought some cherries from a local greengrocers.
They were seriously good, big, dark, sweet, and juicy. Delicious!

Eating the cherries reminded me of the phrase 'Life is just a bowl of cherries!'
It's actually a song lyric, I think, an oldie from the 1930's originally sung by Ray Henderson, and lots of others stars have sung it too - Judy Garland, Rudy Vallee, Doris Day.......

Oops, this isn't a blog post about a song, or who sung it, it's about cherries.
We're don't usually eat much fruit, but we do enjoy cherries.
I mean, we like fruit, it just doesn't particularly like us - we're more savoury food lovers.

We love 'em!
Are you a lover of cherries?
They are perfect delicious little bite-sized delights aren't they?

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

The Dog Rescuers Presenter Alan Davies Owes Us A New TV - TV Zero, Rottweiler One

I wonder, if I ask very very nicely, do you think Alan Davies will buy us a new television?
I only ask because last night our TV was attacked, smashed to the floor, and broken. It's completely fecked!

What's our broken TV got to do with Alan Davies?
You may well ask.
Well, it's his fault our TV is buggered.
Why? How?
Well, last night Mr.R asked if I felt like watching The Dog Rescuers.
I said, yeah OK.
No sooner had the programme started when a dog appeared on the screen, not surprising as it is a programme about dogs. Actually not a dog, 3 dogs. Collies if memory serves me right.
And as quick as a flash Porter, our Rottweiler jumped up from his sleep ran at the TV and attacked the screen.
The TV went flying, I screamed, simply because I thought the television was going to fall on top of our Lurcher Barley, but thankfully it didn't, it did make him jump though; the sight of Porter launching himself at the TV, the TV crashing to the floor....... and that was that, the screen has a dent in it and lots of cracks. It is definitely dead.

TV - 0. Rottweiler - 1. ���������� A dog appeared on the TV screen, a dog attacked the TV. The TV crashed to the floor - fecked! #brokentv
The damage doesn't look too bad, it's difficult to photograph because of the reflections etc.
I wonder if the local recycling centre accepts broken televisions?

As the presenter of The Dog Rescuers on Channel 5, we think the death of our TV is entirely the fault of Alan Davies, which is a shame because we like him, he's a funny man.
So, TV zero, Rottweiler one.
And to think they said adopt don't shop! Rescue dogs are are so loving and rescuing a dog is so much better than buying a puppy, blah, blah, blah.......
Well, that may or may not be true, but one things for certain, Porter does not feel loving towards Alan Davies.
Do you think Alan Davies should buy us a new TV?
Or, failing that, I know of a lovely Rottweiler who may be looking for a new home very soon - interested? 

Dog Walk on Blast Beach, Dawdon, Seaham, County Durham

A couple of days ago we decided to make the most of the Summer by taking our two dogs, Barley the Lurcher, and Porter the Rottweiler, to the beach for a mooch.
Summer? Hahaha!
Lately we've been wearing Winter coats when out walking the dogs, slippers indoors, and we've even had the fire on a couple of evenings.

Welcome. #BlastBeach #CountyDurham #England #NationalTrust

Crappy weather aside, we are very fortunate to have several beaches nearby to choose from, of which three are beaches we use regularly. But this time we thought we'd try somewhere new, so we drove to Blast Beach.

As is. No filter or editing, it really was this lovely. ��☔️☁️���� #BlastBeach #DawdonBeach #beach #sea #NorthSea #CountyDurham #England #EnglishSummer

Thankfully, despite it being the end of July, we were the only people on the beach - probably because it was a gorgeous Summers day; cold, windy and chucking it down.
Rain rain go away, come again another day.......
Gotta love an English Summer! Ha-fecking-ha!

Anyway, from the car-park the quickest route down the the beach was barred, the next route was not suitable, as Barley and Porter are both strong pullers on the lead, and the rain had turned the grassy bank into a scene from Glastonbury festival.
So we kept walking along the clifftops until we came to some steps made from large flat rocks, which lead straight down to the beach.

Barley. Arse. �� We're nearly there. ☔️☁️�� Blast Beach, which was where they shot the opening scenes for Alien 3. �� #BlastBeach #DawdonBeach #CountyDurham #beach #sea #England #EnglishSummer #dog

By this time all four of us were completely soaked. Cold. Tired. But as I said there was no one else on the beach, so we were happy - ish.

We were all seriously fecking wet, but we finally got down on to the beach. Blast Beach, which was where they shot the opening scenes for Alien 3. �� ��������☔️☁️☔️ #dog #Lurcher #DawdonBeach #BlastBeach #b

We let the boys off their leads and they immediately started running around each other, with a bit of snarling, barking, neck nipping, and tail nipping. Well, we've only had Porter for a few days, so they are still getting used to each other.......

Initially there was lots of growling and nipping; Porter nipped Barleys tail, Barley nipped Porters neck. ������ But after a while they calmed down, and enjoyed running around together. No blood, no injuries. Phew! ����:

We had hoped to take some proper photos of the DLSR camera, but because the rain was so heavy we didn't want to ruin the camera, so we just shot a few quick photos on our phones.
Barley was mainly happy just to zoom about all over the sand, and roll around with a dead fish, and Porter was happy attacking an empty flagon he'd found washed up on the beach.

Porter enjoying his new toy. Hahaha! ������ #Rottweiler #rescuedog #Lurcher #sighthound #dog #BlastBeach #DawdonBeach #CountyDurham #England #EnglishSummer #blackandwhite

Blast beach is famous for being the location where the opening scenes for the film Alien 3 were shot.
Other than that I have nothing much more to say about it.

This. Blast Beach, which was where they shot the opening scenes for Alien 3. �� ��������☔️☁️☔️ #DawdonBeach #BlastBeach #beach #sea #CountyDurham #England #EnglishSummer

It was a decent enough beach, but I'm sure when the weather is good it will be too busy for us to use, as Barley doesn't believe in recall, and no doubt Porter will soon copy his bad habits. Hehe!
On a bright sunny day, I imagine Blast Beach would be really lovely, lots of rich colours and textures in the landscape, but horrible rain drenched days are the only ones that would be good for us to return.
Mr.R and me both prefer the beaches we usually go to, so that's probably the first and last time we'll ever visit Blast Beach.
Have you been to Blast Beach?
The Alien films are some of my favourites, do you like them?
Does your dog have good recall?

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Our Family Just Got Bigger - Meet Porter The Rottweiler!

We are no longer a family of three.
Last Tuesday we adopted a Rottweiler from StrayAid, the pet rescue charity in Coxhoe, County Durham.

Porter. This boy does not like having his photo taken. Oh dear! ����❤️ #Rottweiler #rescuedog #dog
Porter. He doesn't like having his photo taken

We'd been talking for a while about getting another dog, a playmate for Barley, our lovely Lurcher, and over the last few weeks I'd been showing Mr.R various photos of the dogs on the StrayAid website.

Eyeing-up a Collie. ������ #Rottweiler #rescuedog #dog
Out walking this morning, lip-licking at a passing Collie 

There were several dogs on the website that we liked, Porter and a couple of Lurchers, we thought we could give a good home to.
But events seemed to be conspiring against us. One morning when we had intended to drive to StrayAid the car had a flat tyre, we found a screw in the rubber.
Another day we had a family emergency.
We were beginning to think the Universe was trying to tell is something - Don't get another dog!
But we were wrong because finally last Tuesday the Universe helped us find the perfect new addition to our family, Porter.

Snoozing. ����❤️ #Rottweiler #rescuedog #dog
Watching me in the kitchen - hoping I drop some food on the floor

Initially at the rescue centre me and Mr.R met Porter, (they'd named him Hero), and once we'd decided we liked him and he seemed to like us, it was time for Porter and Barley to meet.
At first there was a little bit of growling, from Barley, but Porter seemed to instantly like Barley, and we were assured by the staff that the match was a good one.

Aww, they're getting closer....... ������❤️�� #dogpaws #Lurcher #Rottweiler #blackandwhite
Porter and Barley, they're getting closer every day - Ahhh!

Next there was lots of paperwork to complete.
While I was filling in the adoption forms we chatted to the staff about Porter, vaccinations, pet insurance etc.
Paperwork complete it was time to head back to the house.
Once home we went for a little stroll locally, not too far, as Porter was still recovering from being neutered.
Walk over we returned to the house and showed Porter around his new home, we think he approved.

Comfy there boy?! ������
Enjoying an afternoon nap

It's now been eight days, and things are going well.
Porter is a bit underweight, and his muscles are fairly weak, so we are slowly trying to help him gain weight with lots of lovely fresh healthy food, and gentle exercise.
Porter is a lovely affectionate boy who loves Barley, and Barley is slowly beginning to feel love for Porter.
They have played a few games of tug, with lots of growling, no aggression, just heightened excitement.
Porter loves his food, he sleeps very well, and we think he's happy with us.
We are looking forward to a time when Porter is fit enough to enjoy running on our local beaches with Barley.
Rescue dogs are wonderful!
Have you ever adopted a rescue dog?
Wonderful aren't they?

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Sore Throat, Best Remedy - A Lovely Cold Pint!

I think I'm a bit run-down, nothing serious, just lack of sleep.......
I just feel a bit yukky, the main symptom being a sore throat, which probably explains why I'm sitting here craving a lovely pint of icy cold Strongbow cider.

We're being held against our will! They won't let us leave! Oh well, there's only one thing to do - order another pint. Strongbow, The George, Wetherspoon pub, Croydon

Mmm, cider!
This photo is an old shot taken in a pub.
I'm only half serious about fancying a pint of cider, I know it wouldn't really cure my throat.
I take my health seriously, so I don't like taking medication, or throat pastilles etc.
Whenever I'm not feeling particularly well, I always try the 'natural' treatment first, so I've been dissolving salt in warm water and gargling with it, which is helping.
What do you do when you have a sore throat?
Do you use any natural remedies? If so, what?

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Fairglobe Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, 2014 - Wine Review

We like to help keep our local Lidl supermarket up and running, which is why we buy a lot of wine from there - a lot of wine.
This bottle of South African red is another bargain wine Mr.R recently purchased - and very nice it was too.

Lidl - Fairglobe Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2014.  South African wine

On the nose there were rich aromas of blackberry, cherry, liquorice, and cocoa.
On the palate there were flavours of black cherry, blackcurrant, black pepper, tobacco, cloves, and vanilla.
Fairglobe Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, 2014, is a very enjoyable full-bodied wine, and one we'd definitely buy again.

Lidl - Fairglobe Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2014.  South African wine

From the label -
Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot
Wine of South Africa 
The combination of aromatic Cabernet Sauvignon and fruity Merlot grapes has resulted in a unique tasting experience, due to the dry climate, ideal soil conditions, sunshine and cool nights they are grown in. 
This red wine is an ideal accompaniment to pasta and hearty meat dishes.
Serving temperature 16-18C.
Once opened, consume within 3 days. 
13.5% Vol. 
Have you tried Fairglobe Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, 2014?
What did you think of it?

Monday, 20 July 2015

What is it about Unicorns?

They're everywhere! Unicorns.

I mean, I haven't actually seen a unicorn, but for several months they seem have to been everywhere I look. 
No, not everywhere I look, as I said, I haven't actually seen a unicorn, but if I had a pound for every time I've read the word unicorn, I'd be a multi-millionaire. 

For many months now, whenever I use IG (InstaGram) I always see at least a dozen references to unicorns, usually in the bio sections, but also in the photos themselves.  
And if not there, then I see them mentioned in various products; tshirts, mugs, artwork, jewellery, the list goes on.......

Unicorn love is everywhere. 
If I had a pound for every time I've seen the quote 'Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn, then always be a unicorn', I'd be a billionaire. 

So, although I'm not into 'Keeping up with the Joneses', I'm beginning to feel left out of this unicorn obsession that's going on, so I thought I'd write a blog post about unicorns. 
Unfortunately as I haven't ever seen a unicorn, I haven't got a suitable photo to upload to this blog post, so here's a photo of one of the horses in the river in front of our old house in France.

Unicorn. ������  Or maybe I doodled an ice-cream on the head of one of the horses in the river outside our house in France. ����

If you look closely I think you'll agree that maybe this wasn't a horse after all, and that it was actually a unicorn. 
Or maybe it's a doodle of an ice-cream on top of a photo of a horse? 

I know there are some people who say unicorns are not real. 
But I think we all know the real truth - Unicorns most definitely do exist. ����������
Have you ever seen a unicorn?
Or are you in fact a unicorn? 
If you are a unicorn, do you post selfies on IG?